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A fee-only financial planner, registered with SEBI, (Investment Advisor INA000018027). I can be your guide in personal financial planning and wealth management. With my guidance, you'll receive tailored financial strategies to meet your specific needs. Whether it's planning for a specific goal like children’s education or marriage, or for drawing a steady and lasting income from your retirement savings my approach is straightforward and effective, making financial stability achievable.

I'm Sridhar Nagarajan

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Everyone's Financial Partner

Tailored Financial Solutions for Every Stage of Life

My financial advisory services are suitable for a wide range of individuals. If you're a working professional seeking investment advice, a parent planning for your child's education, or someone nearing retirement, my financial planning tools and strategies are designed to secure and enhance your financial future.

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Blueprint forFinancial Peace

Addressing Market Volatility with Conservative Planning

In today's volatile economy, a solid financial plan is your key to stability and peace of mind. Here’s how I can help:

Strategies that seek to minimize impact on your investments from market fluctuations

Risk Management


Empowering you with easy-to-understand financial advice

Financial Literacy


Custom plans for education funding, retirement savings, and more

Goal-Oriented Planning


Years of Experience


Profession & Education


Registered Advisor


Major Banks & Consultancies


Journey with an Expert for Transparent & Ethical Advice

Trusted FinancialAdvisor

Building Financial Confidence with Proven Expertise. As a trusted financial planner, I offer

Trust Earned

Decades of experience in financial markets


Chartered Accountant and SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

Professional Qualifications

Committed to fee-only services, ensuring unbiased and client-focused advice

Client-Centric Approach

What I do not provide:

  • Promise of assured returns

  • Direct Equity recommendations

  • Implementation services – you have to do the implementation of the plan yourself, but I can advise on any issues that may arise in the process

  • Tax planning – however, tax implications on my product suggestions will be advised

  • Review of adequacy / shortfall of existing financial assets 

  • Identification of key risks 

  • Debt management

  • Review of adequacy of insurance

  • Identify clutter and optimize existing portfolio

  • Asset allocation and specific assets required to achieve the goals

  • Plan of action

​Renewal of services from second year would cover:

  • Portfolio review and updating asset allocation 

  • Review and advise on plan modifications, if required, arising out of changes in clients’ situation such as major job change, etc

Services involved in preparing a financial plan can include:


Note: My only income is the compensation from clients. I am not affiliated with and do not take any commissions / fees / incentives from any mutual fund or insurance company or bank

My fees for the first year would be ₹24,000. Renewal fees from second year would be ₹10,000.


Your Financial Stability Path Awaits

Step Onto The Road Towards Financial Stability

Take the first step towards financial stability. Connect with me for a personal consultation, and let's craft a financial plan that’s as unique as your goals. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of financial planning and set you on the path to financial peace of mind.

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